U Sell My Car NY Privacy Policy

Last updated July 21, 2014. 

‌The UsellmycarNY.com name and characteristic were formed on a basis of integrity. This Privacy Policy describes how U Sell My Car NY makes use and makes information known. The secretive information belonging to our customers navigating our websites and online services including: UsellmycarNY.com. This Policy is not applicable to websites and services that show or link to differentiating privacy statements. 

‌We may by default preselect an option to collect website info when you come to our websites. This info may be additional to information about your specific Internet service provider, your OS, browser type, domain name, IP address, your access periods, the website that have recommended it to you. The Website pages that you request, the data, and time of those requests will be collected. Our compilation of websites are utilized to be informative but may include experience the utilization of cookies and Web beacons. Cookies happen to small quantities of information files stored on your hard drive by a website do other things among; give a hand with improving our websites and your overall encounter. To add to this site uses targeting or advertising cookies which can be seen in areas with popular features such as being able to visits to our sites. The cookies provided are utilized by third party organizations and companies such as: social networks and advertisers. This is done in turn to give recognition to those that have visited our Site. These happen to mostly be set and placed in advertising networks that have the permission of the website owner. They up held a record or memorize data that others have visited the website and may turn in this data towards third party organizations. Quite frequently aiming or advertising cookies will then be link to site practicality of provision by the third party organization.